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Q: What are your areas of operation?
A: We provide NATIONWIDE courier service , Our Warehouse and Trucking are in the Florida Panhandle and Atlanta Ga.

Q: Do you ship items?
A: We can ship any product WORLDWIDE !

Q: What size shipments can be handled?
A: We handle anything that is capable of being delivered, ranging from envelopes to medical products to time-sensitive legal documents. Practically, no delivery is too big or too small. 

Q: Does Monroe Logistics offer warehousing services?
A: Yes, we offer long and short-term inventory management solutions, customized for each client. No company provides a turnkey approach like Monroe Logistics.

Q: How can I check delivery status of my order?
A: We offer real-time tracking and confirmation of your order via our online software. Our drivers utilize the latest GPS Tracking technology. With our mobile data units, we can track our drivers' physical location with our LADS Software and Sprint GPS systems. We use these technologies to confirm a delivery the second a signature is obtained.

Q: Do you offer online order entry?
A: Yes, we offer web based online order entry with real time order tracking and automated Emails of completed deliveries including delivery date, time and POD name.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: We offer commercial accounts and accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Our terms are net 30 days.

Q: How can I schedule a delivery online?
A: Please contact one of our representatives to establish a private password-protected
account so that you can place delivery orders online, track your shipment online and pay online.

Q: How does Monroe Logistics differ from other companies?
A: We pride ourselves on quality service, personalized care and competitive pricing.

Q: How does Monroe Logistics price your services?
A: Our pricing standards are based on distance, speed and weight. We offer a customized solution to each client.


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