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Courier Delivery Service

Monroe Logistics’ provides a wide variety of courier delivery and expediting services—from the smallest envelope, the truckload to full medical courier delivery services. We are committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction in our delivery services, which we accomplish with state of the art techology including:

  • Online Order Entry with real-time delivery tracking and reporting
  • Automated Emails of completed deliveries including delivery date, time and POD name
  • Mobile technology that provides instant communication with drivers – to ensure immediate order tracking, timely deliveries and proof of delivery
  • Ongoing training and development of our drivers, dispatchers and administrative team
  • Uniformed, professional drivers with senior experience

Portfolio of Courier Delivery Service Offerings

Scheduled Courier Delivery Service

We provide Scheduled Courier Delivery Service when your company has orders requiring pre-defined times for pick up and delivery. We customize scheduled delivery solutions to meet your unique delivery requirements, providing drivers assigned to your accounts and a cost-efficient mode of delivery. With scheduled delivery, our clients have confidence their packages will be consistently delivered on time.

Dedicated Courier Delivery Services

Monroe Logistics makes it seamless to transfer into a premium service without the costs, risks and liabilities of hiring employees or deploying assets. With Dedicated Service, we assign well-trained, professional drivers exclusively to your operation. Tapping into our dedicated resources allows you to transfer liability, gain flexibility and control costs while receiving optimal service levels. We provide a complete "no cost" evaluation to help you assess the best solution for your needs.

Online Order Entry

Monroe Logistics Provides order entry , tracking , and POD for clients all via the WEB . We have partnered with our software provider, LADS Network, to provide this important service offering.Each client has its own proprietary user ID and password. If you are interested in starting this service feature, please contact Nancy Dickinson so we can set your company up with the proper user name and password. Once this has been completed we will provide you telephone training and support throughout the initial set up. We will also support any additional questions once you get up and rolling.

We look forward to supporting your delivery needs now via the WEB!

Call us today at 877-563-6667 to learn how we can customize a solution for you.


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