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Document Management

Our document management services are designed to integrate seamlessly into your business processes. Based upon the industry-standard software Total Recall™ Records and Warehouse Inventory Management, our document management services give our clients quick, secure and reliable Web access to their documents.

Monroe Logistics document management services provide flexible, easy-to-use features:

  • Our service can be used simultaneously by an unlimited number of clients and requires no special programs installed at their location.
  • The Web Server Module includes security features to prevent unauthorized access. Each individual user can be given or denied access to each menu option.
  • Clients with access can view invoices on the Web.
  • Customers can purchase new boxes and other stock items on the Web.
  • Place orders for pick-up or delivery, track the status of orders, run queries and print reports.
  • View digitally-imaged documents or pictures of palletized items online.
  • Locate that important document or item online and view it...NOW.
  • Access your inventory real-time in Total Recall over the Internet with any standard Web browser.
  • Scan On Demand™ is fully integrated with our Total Recall Records Management Software. Documents can be digitally scanned and delivered in minutes. We can instantly transmit the electronic digital file directly to our customer using a secure Internet connection. Alternatively, our clients can make requests and view electronic image on-line utilizing Total Recall's Web Server.

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